The world is not just black & white – the same as cycling is not just about one lane. We respect everyone who raises the bar and has such a strong will to push their limits.

Unfortunately, some athletes go far beyond the borders of their comfort zones and push their limits on daily basis. We´re so stoked that we´ve been able to establish cooperation with those heroes of everyday life – we welcome Cesta za snem, z.s. officially on our board of Partners.

Cesta za Snem doesn’t just represent the world of disabled athletes, but they’re trying to spread the idea about the complete equality and integration of both worlds – healthy and handicapped. In Rouvy, we believe sport is the foundation of a quality and balanced life. Therefore, the idea of integration through sport is strongly appreciated.

And how did we connect? The founder and spiritual father of Cesta za Snem, legendary hand biker, Herman Volf, who rode thousands of km through Europe with his hand bike, brought a very unique and revolutionary hand bike trainer that is not just for the disabled. Like he is saying, “When we were welding the first prototype with my dad in the garage, I would have never thought about the awareness which it could cause.”

The success of the unique Alpha Hand Bike trainer is shown by the integration of the trainer in the biggest corporate companies in the Czech Republic. These companies compete against each other in the OpenRace project to support those who need it. As we have quite a competitive spirit in our team, we couldn´t resist, and we´re already rolling out the first kilometres on our own Alpha Hand Bike trainer.

Right now, we´re working together to bring new video courses and we’re making some updates – so the App will be suitable for hand bikers all over the world. If you´re interested about the story and progress of the project, we will be more than happy to provide you with information about our cooperation through the whole year.

We welcome you in – team Cesta za Snem – because, as many experts describe the team,  Together Everybody Achieves More. And in this case, it’s an even stronger claim.

Rouvy Team

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