Rouvy - Indoor Cycling RealityRouvy, our major product, is a one-stop complete indoor and outdoor training solution for tracking and analyzing all your training efforts. Our augmented indoor cycling reality platform includes 2,000+ routes with high-quality synchronized videos, training plans, workouts, multi-rider modes for group rides, online races and more. No matter what time it may be, no matter the weather or traffic conditions, he Rouvy bike training app allows you to get out and ride – even when you can’t get outside. So, you can reap the benefits of a full workout, paired with the excitement of riding a virtual bike, along real routes all over the globe.

Rouvy apps let you ride anywhere in the world with nothing but your bike and the compatible cycling classic trainer. Rouvy will calculate your virtual power based on your current speed, the profile of the course and the type of trainer you are using. For even more control over your ride, pair Rouvy to any Bluetooth Smart/ANT+ compatible power meter or controlled resistance trainer.



During 2015-2016, we have implemented special software for the Czech Republic Army: Diagnostic Load System for assessment of the current state of the soldier’s organisms. This software is used, among other things, to test soldiers before they leave on missions and on his/her return from the mission. The project aim is the compilation of analytics on the psychic and physical state of the soldier.