Junior Web Engineer

at VirtualTraining
Vimperk, Czech Republic

About this role

As a junior server engineer at VirtualTraining, you will build the systems and services that support our desktop, mobile and web applications. In this role, you will work across the breadth of Rouvy’s backend systems. You will improve existing services and design new ones, and you will work closely with our Infrastructure engineering team to ensure these systems are reliable and performant. You will support short-term feature velocity while also planning and executing longer-term technology initiatives.

Must have

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • General programming skills including OOP
  • Experience with HTML, CSS and JS / jQuery
  • Experience with PHP 7
  • Experience with relational databases such as MySQL

Welcome experience

  • with at least one PHP framework (Nette, Symfony, Laravel, …)
  • with NoSQL databases such as Redis
  • with React and redux
  • with HTML5, CSS3, ES6+
  • with writing tests

What we have and use

In all our projects, we check everything into our git repos and use composer, npm or yarn to manage our dependencies.

Web portal & REST API

  • PHP 7.1, Nette 2.4
  • phpstan (level 5 for now) makes sure no super-silly mistakes get deployed
  • A new (hidden for now) React+redux front-end project

Does it sound like you, please contact us by emailing your CV and covering letter to petr.samek@virtualtraining.eu. Also include your LinkedIn profile.